Guest Bloggers

Right now Transform! is looking to feature one excellent blog post per month from a Catholic who has something beautiful, innovative, or intelligent to share. Are you up to the challenge?

Your piece will be considered if it is:

  1. Relevant to the Transform! mission
  2. Faithful to Catholic Magisterial teaching
  3. Accessible, concise, fresh, compelling

I’m especially happy to receive pieces that intersect faith and current events, challenge our comfortable lifestyles, or reintroduce us to Jesus in a whole new way. But don’t restrain yourself! Whatever your passion or experience, don’t be afraid to share it.

Sound good so far? Then read on!

Stand Out From the Crowd

The piece you submit must be your own distinctive masterpiece and never before published — on the web or in print. If you’ve written on the same subject before, the content and presentation must be substantially different.

Furthermore, you must agree not to publish your post anywhere else after it is published on Transform!, including your own blog or website. BUT, you are encouraged to post a “teaser” on your site that links to the post once it goes live!

Hows You’re Spelling and Grammer?

Painful, isn’t it? Please submit your very best work. Pieces with many errors will simply not be published.

I reserve the right to edit all submissions for clarity, brevity, spelling, grammar, voice, style and relevance. Please don’t be upset if I make some changes — I want your post to be successful. Major changes will be sent back to you for approval before publishing.

Keep the Spam in the Can

All puns aside, anything that smells “spammy” will be denied. Transform! is not the place for advertising your product or service. Also, only one (1) link within the article is allowed — pending review. If you think you absolutely must have more, please describe why and how it will benefit the reader when you submit your post. No affiliate links permitted.

To Make a Long Story Short

Post length is not set in stone, but aim between 400 and 900 words. Be as concise and direct as possible. (See this about blog writing.) If you have an insanely awesome post that is 1500 words, send it in. There’s always the possibility of setting it up as a series.

Photos/graphics are not required, but it sure does help to have one! If you don’t have your own relevant photo, the best place for free images is Flickr (but be sure to check the copyright). I may choose to add one if you don’t.

The Submission Process

1. I prefer that you write your post in an HTML editor (such as on your own blog) and save as a .txt document — or write and save as a Word document.

2. Send submissions as attachments to Erika at idesirechrist[at]gmail[dot]com. Subject line should be “Guest Post Submission.” Remember to attach all photos and relevant info (like attributions) for them.

3. Include a brief (2-3 sentences) author bio with a 100 x 100 profile picture of yourself. You may include up to two (2) links in your bio for your blog/website, social media account, and/or email.

4. If your piece is accepted you will be contacted within 2 weeks. Once the post is in its final draft and, if necessary, approved by you, it will be scheduled for publication. You will be notified by email as to when it will go live.

5. Your post will be publicized on the Transform! social media sites once it is published. I also recommend you share the post link on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, if you have them. The more you get the word out, the more people will engage with your piece.

6. Make sure to visit the post from time to time over the next week to respond to any comments!



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